Cleveland Pool Store

After you check out our pools online, be sure to stop in and see us! There is simply no better way to compare and be educated on the differences of our pools. Tri-State Pools friendly and knowledgeable staff do not work on commission and are always willing and happy to take as much time as needed to guide you and your family in your decision to turn your backyard into a memory-making destination.

Only Tri-State Pools offers aluminum in above ground pools. An above ground swimming pool is in constant contact with the elements. Aluminum pools were designed as a rust-free alternative to steel pools. Aluminum pools have become popular over the last 10 to 15 years because of their ability to handle inclement weather. When aluminum is exposed to air, it becomes covered with a tough, transparent layer to aluminum oxide that helps resists corrosion. Aluminum does not tarnish or rust and has an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio. It also becomes stronger and retains its toughness as it gets colder.

All Pool Packages Include

• Solid Blue, Heavy Duty 25 mil Liner
• Pump
• Filter
• Deluxe-Wide Mouth Skimmer
• Ladder
• Vacuum Head
• Vacuum Hose
• Telescopic Pole
• Net
• Start-Up Chemicals
• Test Kit